Welcome to the 2009 Annual "Future of Open Source"  Survey

Sponsored by InfoWorld-OSBC and North Bridge Venture Partners


This survey is being supported by the following companies: Acquia, Black Duck Software, EnterpriseDB, Jaspersoft,  Microsoft, Mozilla, North Bridge Venture Partners, Novell, Olliance Group, Red Hat, rPath, Sonatype, Sugar CRM, Sun, and The 451 Group


Attending OSBC?  We look forward to sharing the results with you during  "The Future of Open Source" keynote panel on Tuesday, March 24th at 9:30 a.m. at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.


For conference attendees: Be one of the first 100 respondents to fill out the survey and you will receive a $10 iTunes gift card at the conclusion of the panel. You will need to attend the panel in order to be eligible to collect your prize!


Please see www.acquia.com for results, this survey is now closed.
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