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Welcome to Project Tecko!
Iota is conducting a study of people's "personal computing ecosystem" called Project Tecko. We are conducting the study to learn more about what personal technologies people use, where they use them, how they use them, and why they use them.

We are looking for people who live in the Chicago metropolitan area to participate in a 2- to 3-week study of these personal technologies. We will pay study participants $400 for their full participation in the study.

Full participation in the study includes the following:

1. Participate in a 2-hour in-home interview to learn more about all the parts and pieces of your personal computing ecosystem, where you use it, what accessories you use and how that ecosystem has changed over time.

2. Carry a kit of "sensors" that will help us understand:
a. All the places where you go
b. What parts of your personal computing ecosystem go with you
c. How parts of your personal computing system move around in and out of your home
d. When other objects and devices are used in conjunction with laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs (if you have one)

NOTE: Some of the sensors you will carry, other sensors will be placed on computing devices and places in your home where you use those devices.

3. Run temporary computer applications that would help us understand what you're doing, on what computing devices and with what accessories.

4. Do approximately 1.5 - 2 hours per week of self-reporting exercises (documenting particular activities via an online/mobile “journal” application and answering questions that are texted to you).

5. Do a 1.5-hour final interview, if needed by the research team.

The survey that follows will let us know if you meet the basic criteria for study participation. Are you interested in participating in this study and filling out this pre-screening survey?

If so, click on the "start survey" button below (it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey).

NOTE: If for some reason you don't qualify, the survey will end and you will be given the option to email Iota to get information on participating in future studies.
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