Liam O'Dourke Survey #6
1. If Liam was a color, which would he be?
2. If Liam guest starred on any T.V. show, which should it be?
3. Liam gets arrested and is sent to prison. How do you respond?
4. Who or what was Liam in a past life?
5. What kind of kid/teen was Liam in school?
6. If you were Santa, what would you leave for Liam next Christmas?
7. Which Rage Comics Face is Liam most like?
8. What does Liam like to do on the computer/Internet?
9. Which song best describes Liam?
10. If Liam was a celebrity, what would you do?
11. What popular subculture(s)/fandom(s) on the Internet is Liam part of?
12. What do you want Liam to do?
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