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1. What was the date of your game?
2. What was the time of your game?
3. Where did you play?
4. What day does your team play at Freestone? 
5. Is your team Men's, Women's or Co-Ed?
6. Are you considered a player on your team or are you your team’s manager? 
7. Was your umpire on time and dressed professionally? 
8. Did the umpire treat both teams equally?  Some examples of this might be consistent rule enforcement with both teams on the height of pitches, interacting with players and managers of both teams and not one team more than the other, and not allowing inappropriate behaviors or actions of one team affect the outcome of the game?
9. Did the umpire know the rules of the game and enforce them?
10. Do you feel your umpire had a good attitude, was friendly and approachable, and enjoyed umpiring your game?
11. Gilbert uses a one umpire system, which requires the umpire to move out from behind home plate and get in the proper position for calls at any base or home plate.  Did your umpire hustle and put themselves in a position to make the correct call? 
12. If you were to rate your umpire on a rating scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), how would you score your umpire? 
13. Your comments on your umpire will be kept confidential, however in certain circumstances we would like to show these comments to our official’s coordinator.  Please check yes or no if we can use your comments for our umpire reviews.  Your name will not be given to the umpire in any circumstance. Do you know your umpire’s name that did your game? 
14. Can the Town of Gilbert Adult Sports staff contact you if we have further questions? 
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