* 1. What class are you in?

* 2. Why do you come to the library? (choose as many as you like)

* 3. What time do you mainly come into the library? Select as many as apply

* 4. The best things about the library are:

* 5. Things that could be improved :

* 6. If you have an e-reader what type do you or your family have?

* 7. Your use of library resources : Please rate how often you would use the following resources...

  I don't use them at all I forget to use them and use them when reminded I know they are there and use them sometimes I use them alot Use all the time from home and school
Non Fiction books
Netvibes page
School Databases
Library Online catalogue
Library staff

* 8. When Mrs McKenzie works with your class do you think what she teaches or talks about is

  Not at all Mostly All the time

* 9. How could we make the library services better for you?

* 10. Any other comments about the library?