Chicago South Asian Film Festival 2012 - Audience Survey!
Thank you for attending the 2012 Chicago South Asian Film Festival. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. We appreciate your candid responses.
1. Please provide email address to be eligible to win 2013 festival passes
2. How did you hear about the Festival?
3. Please rate your festival experience in the following areas. If a statement does not apply, please select "NA."
Film Selections
Venue Location
Ticket & Registration Process
Opening Night Film and Gala
Festival Website
Festival Staff
How would you rate your overall festival experience?
4. Age Group
5. Ethnic Background
6. Income
7. Profession
8. Education
9. How many films did you see at the Festival?
10. What was your favorite film at the Festival?
11. What did you find most effective about the Festival?
12. What did you find least effective about the Festival?
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