My Building Composts - Property Manager Survey

1. If you manage a multifamily property that offers residents food scrap composting, we want your feedback!

Please provide the name and location of your property/building:
2. What is your position or title?
3. How many years have you worked at the property?
4. The City developed and delivered a variety of food scrap educational materials to help you and your residents successfully collect food scraps for composting. Please let us know what you think about them.
Recall receiving?If yes, was it:
Prop. Mgr. Intro Letter
Prop. Mgr. Guide (booklet)
Resident Kitchen Pail
Resident Brochure
Resident Magnet
Collection Area Durable Sign
Collection Container photo stickers
5. Do you have any recommendations on how any of these materials could be improved?
6. Are there additional materials or services you would like offered to property managers or residents?
7. Please rank your overall satisfaction with your property/building's food scrap collection system.
8. Would you - or someone from your organization - consider being part of a focus group on how to improve the program and resources for residents and property managers?
9. Do you have recommendations for how to improve your property’s food scrap collection system?