My Building Composts - Survey for Residents

1. If you live in a multifamily property that offers residents food scrap composting, we want your feedback!

What is your building or property's name and/or address?
(your responses will be anonymous)
2. How many years have you lived at this location?
3. Including yourself, how many people currently live in your household?
4. Does your household participate in your building’s food scrap collection program?
5. If yes, how frequently does your household empty its food scraps in the building’s collection containers?
6. If you do not participate in food scrap collection, why not?
7. Please rank your overall satisfaction with the building’s food scrap collection system.
8. Which of the following did you receive to help you with your food scrap collection program?
Recall receiving?If yes, was it:
Kitchen pail
Refrigerator magnet
9. Do you have any recommendations on how any of these materials could be improved?
10. Prior to receiving these materials, was your household participating in your building’s food scrap collection program?
11. Which of the following do you recall seeing in your property's common food scrap collection area?
Recall receiving?If yes, was it:
Large sign with photos
Stickers with photos on collection container
12. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier for your household and your neighbors to participate, or to improve the building’s food scrap collection?
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