Programming and Promotion Peer Evaluation
At this point in the semester, it is necessary for all members of this class to assess the contributions that each member of the group made to date to the work of the group. This contribution should presumably reflect your judgment of such things as:

--Preparation – Were they prepared when they came to class?
--Contribution – Did they contribute productively to group discussion and work?
--Respect for others’ ideas – Did they encourage others to contribute their ideas?
--Flexibility – Were they flexible when disagreements occurred?

It is important that you raise the evaluation of people who truly worked hard for the good of the group and lower the evaluation of those you perceived not to be working as hard on group tasks. Those who contributed should receive the full worth of the group’s grades; those who did not contribute fully should only receive partial credit.

Your assessment will be used mathematically to determine the proportion of the group’s points that each member receives.

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