Organizational Effectiveness Survey - Example
Thank you for entering this site to preview our ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS SURVEY. All surveys are tailored to individuals or organizations – questions can be added, deleted or modified. This on-line survey is designed to give you a good impression of how this tool works. Below is a typical introduction to the survey. It’s followed by the survey itself. When you take the survey, be thinking of your own organization. After the survey you’ll see a typical closing "thank you." Then you’ll then be able to click a box to see the responses of all who have taken this sample questionnaire. Enjoy! This Organizational Effectiveness Survey is designed to get input from employees and learn about your company's strengths, as well as where it can improve. The confidentiality of individual responses will be maintained. Your answers will be mixed with the responses of other employees -- no one will know which employee provided which responses. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Please answer the questions based on how the company or organization looks from YOUR vantage point, based on YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.
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