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 Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below so that we may better meet your needs.

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Please provide your contact information.  While this is not required, it is especially helpful for Reunion Committees.
Have you attended any All Saints Alumni events in Bay City or other cities? If yes, where?
Describe what you would like to see All Saints do to develop an Alumni Association that would give you more contact with the school and, possibly, people with whom you graduated.

Newsletters/mailings are sent out 2-3 times a year.  How would you rate the efforts that All Saints has made to keep in touch with you?  


Do you use Facebook?

Would you be able and interested in volunteering to help support All Saints in various projects throughout the year?
Are there specific things that you would like to see happen to All Saints?
Were you involved in any activities (sports, drama, academic group, clubs) that you feel could be enhanced by Alumni support today?
Would you like to see events sponsored at the school that would include a Mass as part of that activity?
Would you like to participate in smaller events such as those listed
below? (check all that you would be interested in)
I would like to see larger alumni involvement in Homecoming activities in the form of:
Would you be interested in spending some time at All Saints, possibly for an afternoon lunch and then meeting with some students, teachers, administrators, etc.?

Would you be interested in participating in a Career Day or Career Exploration program for All Saints students?

Would you be willing to meet with members of the Development Office over coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner to discuss what you would like to see happen with the Alumni Association?
Would you like someone to contact you by phone or email to visit about what role the Alumni/Development Office could play with the future of All Saints High School?
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