Alumni Workshop Series: Spring 2010

Montclair State University

Morehead Hall, room 337


  • Please see descriptions below and check the seminars you'd like to attend (you may choose to attend all, if you like). 
  • All seminars are free.
  • Space is limited, so register today.
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OptimalResume - WebResumes and More:
Learn how to format your resume using OptimalResume, a comprehensive, web-based tool, which allows you to create, present and manage multiple resumes, cover letters and portfolios.
Finding a Job in Tough Times:

Learn how to broaden your job search based on the current market. Self-assessment, detection skills and resources will be addressed.  

Recognizing Skills and Accomplishments:
Participate in interactive exercises designed to both assess skills and identify accomplishments. Also, learn the top 5 skills/qualities employers look for in potential hires. 
Preparing for the Behavioral-based Interview:

Learn how to prepare for a behavioral-based interview, which focuses primarily on the accomplishments of your past work history.  Then participate in a mock interview. Practice makes perfect!  

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