Aging in Reston Survey

Aging in Reston (AIR) is group of concerned citizens and organizations seeking to understand the needs and perceptions of Restonians and help create solutions toward making Reston a great place for people of all ages and abilities. Please take some time to complete this brief survey which will help with this effort and planning for an October 9 event at the Reston Community Center.

Questions? Call 703-966-6182 or


Are you a resident of Reston, VA?


Do you feel that you feel that Reston is an "elder-friendly" community?


Which Village Center do you consider to be closest to your current home?


Have you recently addressed the following issues?


Would you be interested in learning more about the following resources in Reston?


Would you participate in a program to provide assistance to elders in Reston?


Please share any additional thoughts, questions or ideas related to Aging in Reston.


Optional - Please place me on the list to receive further information on Aging in Reston and the upcoming event at Reston Community Center on Oct. 9 from 1 - 5 p.m.


Optional - Your gender


Optional - Your age

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