Hetalia Axis Powers merchandise and promotions from FUNimation Entertainment


Are you planning on buying Hetalia Axis Powers on DVD when it is available 9-14-2010 FUNimation?


If yes, have you pre-ordered your copy? Please select the answer most applicable to you.


Did the addition of the promotional bandannas  for the first press of Hetalia make you more interested in the release?


Would you be interested in purchasing Hetalia Axis Powers T-Shirts?


If you answered yes, T-Shirt styles interest you? Please select as many as you feel interested in purchasing if available.  Shirts would be 100% cotton with silk screened printing.

** Please note- these are only  concept design samples . Actual shirts will be in full color and available in a variety of sizes **


What colors of T-shirts do you generally like?


What type of Hetalia pillows would you like to see available for purchase?  Please select as many as you like.


Who is your favorite of these Hetalia characters?


If a Hetalia music CD of themes and character songs could be included in a future DVD release, what would you like to see?

*Would you be interested in purchasing a CD of Hetalia Axis Powers music on its own (outside of being an extra with a DVD release)?

What type of Hetalia plushies would you like to see available? Please select all types you are interested in.


What type of special features would you like to see on future DVD releases for Hetalia?  Please rank in order of preference with 1 being your favorite.

English voice actor commentaries
English voice cast blooper reel
Special features from the original Japanese DVD releases, such as direcor interviews and commentaries
Actor features, such as the Eric Vale America videos as shown on YouTube
Behind the scenes features such as the Hetalia World Buffet series of videos shown on YouTube
Art gallery available on the DVD
Historical notes

Promotions-wise, what would you, as a Hetalia fan, like to see more of for future Hetalia DVD releases? Please select all the options that interest you

*What is your age?
*What is your gender?
*Where do you live?
*How did you first  become interested in Hetalia Axis Powers?
How did you first become interested in anime?

Open question- please share your feedback on FUNimation Entertainment's Hetalia Axis Powers merchandise and promotions. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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