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This survey has been designed to invite opinions from the entire UDC community on the priorities and desired characteristics for the next Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The search committee values your input and appreciates your interest in this important process. This survey should take no more than ten minutes of your time, and responses will be anonymous. The information we receive from this survey will be extremely helpful to us as we do our work.
1) Please tell us how you are affiliated with UDC
2) In your opinion, what are UDC’s assets? (select as many as you feel are applicable)
3) What are the top five most immediate priorities facing the next Provost of UDC?
4) What are the top five long-term issues facing UDC over the next three to five years?
5) What are the top five leadership characteristics that would enable the next Provost of UDC to succeed in moving UDC forward academically?

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