Social Security Disability Advocacy - Initial Survey


Name/City - So that all section members can track each other's responses, please indicate who you are and thereafter use initials with your responses so that we can keep track. 

 I.e, PBE/Paul B. Eaglin, Fairbannks


Experience - Do you consider yourself experienced or relatively inexperienced in Social Security disability advocacy?


Assistance - As a section member or non-member participant, are you willing to help present programs, including CLE programs that are pertinent to the section's purpose?


Section assistance to your practice - On the other side of the coin, what are the principal ways in which this section can be of assistance and usefulness to your practice? 


Section Leadership - are you willing to help with section leadership responsibilities by membership on the section's executive committee that is required of each section.  (For more specific info, please go to the Bar's website and click on this section information:


Meeting Frequency - to assist in planning meetings at the outset, please indicate your meeting frequency preference. 


Potential Topics - What topic(s) are of most immeidate interest for presentation at our periodic meetings.  In short, do you have any "burning issues" that you would like to have addressed ASAP? 

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