eBooks and eReaders in Schools

eBook=any digital book, textbook, or periodical  

eReader=any hardware device used to read eBooks

Thanks for taking time to complete this survey sponsored by Unite for Literacy. UFL is an organization of reading and literacy specialists who support family literacy programs around the world, with special attention to underserved populations. This survey is part of a larger study in support of UFL's work as an Amazon Kindle Certified Education Services Provider. Your response will be kept confidential. You will not be contacted by us unless you request that we do. In exchange for completing this survey (about 10 minutes) we will email you a free copy of the "eBook in Schools" report which will be completed May 2011. This report will give you valuable insight about what K-12 educators are doing now with eBooks and their future plans. 

Your opinion and perspective will help all of us gain a deeper understanding of what educators like you will need to support the transition from print to digital books. Please encourage your educator colleagues to also participate in this survey as the greater the participation, the more valuable the results.  If you'd like to receive the report, please complete the entire survey and be sure to provide us with your email address (final question). Thank you so very much for your help with this important project! 

Please make note of the DEFINITIONS of TERMS we use in the SURVEY
eBook = any digital book, digital textbook, or digitally-delivered periodical  
eBook reader = any computer or digital hardware device that can be used to read eBooks
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