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Thank you for your interest in Outrigger Hotels & Resorts. Please take our short, 11-question survey. As a thank you, every month Outrigger will give away a free three-night stay to one responder at one of our select properties in Hawaii.


To qualify for the free night stay, you must answer all questions on the survey. Individual answers will be kept confidential. We will use the survey results to improve the respose materials sent to readers of our advertising.      You may only take this survey once.


The winner will be chosen at random from qualified entrants and notified by email. If you would like additional details on prizes or to see a copy of the rules, visit:



Why did you request information on Outrigger Hotels and Resorts or Ohana Hotels? Please choose the answer that most closely matches your reasons, or provide information in the "other" box.


If you are planning a trip, what is the purpose of the trip? Please choose the answer that most closely matches your travel plans or use the "other" box to describe your trip.


What destinations are you considering? Check all that apply or complete the "other" box.


When do you planing to travel?


If traveling to Hawaii, which island are you most interested in visiting? 


Have you been to Hawaii before?


Have you ever stayed at an Outrigger  or OHANA hotel or condominium in Hawaii before?


Would you be willing to participate in a more in-depth research survey with Outrigger to be entered to win additional free nights?


Would you like to receive email from Outrigger Hotels & Resorts and OHANA Hotels with information about special offers?


To qualify to win the three free-night hotel stay, you must complete questions 10 and 11.  Winner will be notified by email. By answering question 10, you are certifying that you are more than 21 years of age.


Please enter your email address below. Your email will only be used to notify you if you have won free nights or as you have indicated above. Your email address will not be shared with any other company. For our privacy policy, please see

Thank you for your taking our survey.
The winner of the monthly free-night giveaway will be notified by email.
We hope to see you in Hawaii at one of our properties sometime soon!

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