Men's Health Fragrance Survey 2012
About You
1. Where did you originally hear about this survey?
2. Are you?
3. How old are you?
4. Which one of these currently describes your current status?
5. What is you household income before tax and other deductions?
6. How often do you read or buy Men’s Health?
7. How often do you visit
8. What do you think of fragrance coverage in Men's Health?
9. What do you think of the fragrance coverage on
10. How long have you been wearing fragrance?
11. How many fragrances do you buy a year?
12. What makes you buy a new fragrance? (tick all relevant answers)
13. How many fragrances do you currently own?
14. Have you ever bought a variation of a fragrance? (tick all relevant answers)
15. What is the most you would spend on a fragrance?
16. Does your partner influence your choice of fragrance?
17. Which of the following statements is most true about your fragrances?
18. What factors influence you most when changing your fragrance? (tick all relevant answers)
19. What is your favourite fragrance ancillary product?
Fragrance Usage
20. How often do you wear your fragrances?
21. Why do you like to wear fragrance? (tick all relevant answers)
22. Research (tick all relevant statements)
23. Which of the following statements are most true about you? (tick all relevant statements)
24. Where do you generally buy your fragrance from? (tick all relevant answers)
25. What kind of environment do you like to shop for fragrance in? (tick all relevant answers)
26. Do you find TV fragrance adverts: (tick all relevant answers)
27. Do you find magazine fragrance adverts: (tick all relevant answers)
28. Do you think that celebrity endorsement works for fragrance?
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