"Hairiest" Product Planning Survey
1. Let's jump right in! Do any of these describe your "hairiest" product planning (management) issues? (pick all that apply)
2. Here is my "hairiest" product planning (management) issue!
3. Here are the "hairiest" product planning issues that I think most product companies face.
4. Here is a "hairy" product planning issue no service provider seems to address.
5. My title at my current company is ...
6. I am responsible for [explain] at my Company.
7. My company manufactures/makes what?
8. I've been involved with product planning/management for?
9. Would you like to participate in the random drawing thanking you for filling out this survey? (Requires a valid email address under Question 11)
10. Following this survey, I would like to… (check all that apply)
11. Please provide your name and email address if you indicated that you would like to participate in the drawing, receive a report of survey findings, or be contacted for any other purpose.
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