eJobs at ETSU, Applicant Satisfaction
1. Ease of Use
Very DifficultDifficultAcceptableEasyVery Easy
2. Have you used other online systems to apply for jobs?
3. How does eJobs at ETSU compare to other online systems you have used to apply for jobs?
Much WorseWorseAverageBetterMuch Better
4. How many jobs have you applied for in the eJobs at ETSU system?
5. On average, how long does it take you to apply for a job through the eJobs at ETSU system?
Less than 5 Minutes5-10 Minutes10-15 Minutes15-20 Minutes20+ Minutes
6. Have you experienced difficulty uploading documents to eJobs at ETSU?
7. Have you experienced any problems with the eJobs at ETSU system being unresponsive, slow or other connectivity issues?
8. What type of device do you normally use to apply for jobs posted to eJobs at ETSU?
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