MFA Faculty Evaluation: Summer
Summer Residency Faculty Evaluation
1. Faculty Member:
2. In which session did you have this faculty member?
3. Student Name (optional):
4. Please take a moment to rate your experiences with your faculty mentor during the MFA summer residency. Your feedback, especially your comments, will greatly assist us in preparing for next year’s residency.
1. Clarity of course requirements and directives
2. Appropriateness of level of discourse in relation to experience
3. Quality of course-related materials
4. Instructor’s use of time
5. Instructor’s knowledge of subject matter
6. Clarity/organization of presentation
7. Ability to relate subject matter to practical situations
8. Openness towards different viewpoints
9. Stimulated thinking
10. Encouraged student participation
11. Availability for assistance and advice
12. Responsiveness
5. What do you see as the strengths of this course?
6. What recommendations would you make to the instructor of this course to improve it?
Thank you for completing this evaluation.
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