Dear Audiology Practice Owner:

By completing and submitting the enclosed survey, you will be registering your practice in the "AuDNet Transitioning Practices Registry", a national database of audiology practices seeking to transition ownership to another audiologist sometime in the future. By listing your practice on this registry, AuDNet will be able to make your practice known to hundreds of audiologists looking to buy, many of whom may be interested in a practice just like yours, in the area you are located. Your information will be kept confidential and only provided with your permission to qualified buyer-candidates.

AuDNet also maintains a national database of audiologists interested in buying or owning a practice. Through these two databases AuDNet can help match up interested audiologist buyers with interested audiologist sellers. AuDNet members who are seeking to sell their practices also can receive pre-screened resume's of candidates that best meet the qualifications specified in their registration profile. AuDNet assists its members in arranging interviews, and once a match is found, can assist members in contract development and securing financing capital for their buyers.

Whether you are an AuDNet member or not, it pays to have your practice listed in the AuDNet Registry. As an AuDNet member, you maximize your ability to sell your practice to another audiologist rather than to a retail corporation, and you help us keep audiology a strong and independent profession for the future.

Please take the time to answer the thirteen questions comprising this survey and submit it to AuDNet. We will be happy to list your practice in our Registry and direct interested buyer-candidates to your practice when the opportunity presents itelf.

Thank You.