Dear Future Audiology Practice Owner:

By completing and submitting the enclosed survey, you will be registering your desire to purchase/own an audiology practice in the "AuDNet Practice Buyers Registry", a national database of audiologists interested in buying a private practice. AuDNet will be able to make your interests known to hundreds of practice owners seeking to sell their practice to an audiology professional just like you. Your information will be kept confidential and only provided with your permission to qualified practice owners.

AuDNet also maintains a national database of practice owners, so matching your practice owning goals with a successful practice currently for sale can be quite easy. If you end up preparing to purchase a practice from an existing AuDNet member, we can assist you with steps like contract development and securing financing capital.

Please take the time to answer the thirteen questions comprising this survey and submit it to AuDNet. We will be happy to list you in our Registry and direct you to practices that meet your needs when the opportunity presents itself.

Thank You.