During NCTE’s Literacy Education Advocacy Month, did you or your group contact a legislator or other policymaker, or did you help spread the news to local educators or to the public?  If you’re reporting the activities of a group effort (e.g., an NCTE affiliate participating in Advocacy Month in their home state), please make sure to also tell us below how many people participated. If you attended Advocacy Day in Washington, DC, please record those activities on the report form you received on that day (send to advocacy@ncte.org).

* 1. Please tell us your name, school affiliation, home address, email address, and telephone number. 

* 2. Are you reporting for an NCTE affiliate or other group?

* 3. If you are reporting for an affiliate or group, please tell us how many people participated in your group's activities.

* 4. Did you or your group participate in any of the following Advocacy Month activities? (Please check all that apply.)

Questions 5-9 refer to visits you or members of your group made to legislators in your home state. If your answer to question 5 is "no," please skip to question 10.

* 5. Did you visit a legislator in your home state?

* 6. Please tell us who you met with and their contact information, and the date and place of your visit.

* 7. Please tell us the topics you discussed:

* 8. What did you learn during your visit with the legislator?

* 9. How was your visit?

* 10. If you have suggestions for future Literacy Education Advocacy Month activities, please list them here.

* 11. How can NCTE better help you participate in its advocacy efforts throughout the year?