Hi. Our names are Bill Reeb and Dom Cingoranelli, and we are the facilitators for ABC Partner Retreat on Some Date. We will focus on better defining, fine-tuning and internally communicating your organization's direction.

Logically, your participation and input play a critical role, which is why we are contacting you. As with any successful CPA firm, your organization is doing many things right. However, in order to capitalize on your organization’s strengths, and minimize its weaknesses, we need some insight into what you know and think. Your answers will also help us better organize and facilitate the limited time we have with the owner group.

Therefore, we have created this survey instrument for you to complete by midnight Some Date. The information you provide us will be confidential (as only our organization will have access to your specific responses). However, we will share a summary of this information as part of the planning process. We will disguise, to the best of our ability, those comments that might seem to reveal a specific person’s identity. 

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." And while your firm clearly has been aiming at something all along, the feedback you provide through this survey will provide valuable input in defining your organization’s future and its succession planning.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Bill Reeb, CPA and Dom Cingoranelli, Jr., CPA, CMC Succession Institute, LLC CPA Firm Consultants P.S. If you have any questions or want to discuss any of this with us personally, you can call us at 512-338-1006.
Technical Tips: While this is a very powerful survey tool, it has -- like all electronic survey tools -- limitations. Here are two tips to help answer some of the most common points of confusion.

If you want to keep a copy of your survey responses, then select the print command from your browser for each page before you click on the submit button located at the bottom of each page. This brings us to the second technical point:

You can NOT partially answer the survey questions, save them, and return to edit them later. You basically complete this survey one page at a time. If you exit a survey page without clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page, then the next time you open the survey to work on it again, everything you entered will have been lost.

Once you hit the submit button at the bottom of each page, while the information will be saved for that page, you can no longer access that page. So, if you complete the first page and want to come back and work on the second page later, just close your browser and link back into the survey later. However, when you link back in later, you will be placed at the top of a blank second page ready for you to continue.

These are the most common questions people ask during the survey-taking process. We hope these tips make your experience more pleasant.

* 3. How do you spend the majority of your time (select all of those responses that consume at least 20% of your work time)?

The next three questions
have been included to give us a perspective
about staff longivity and attitudes

* 4. Which of the following BEST describes your professional outlook? I will probably continue to work in public accounting:

* 5. What best describes your future with the firm?

* 6. Are you working at your proper technical level?

* 7. In thirty (30) words or less, tell me what your firm does?

* 8. Which of the following Values (select all that apply), based on YOUR perception, does the firm live up to everyday?

* 9. What are three (3) strengths of your firm? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 10. What are two (2) strengths of the owner group? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 11. What are three (3) weaknesses of your firm? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 12. What are two (2) weaknesses of the owner group? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 13. Please list your firm's top two competitors. (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 14. Consider your top two competitors. What competitive advantages does either of them offer (listing up to 2) over your organization? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 15. List two (2) things that are impacting your firm's growth? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)

* 16. What do you see as the two (2) greatest threats to the future success of your firm? (You have up to 50 characters for each response)