GAIA has the honour of inviting our esteemed members and friends from all regions to join our annual Global Day of Action (GDA) against Waste and Incineration.

This year’s GDA will be on September 30.   However, participating groups are given the option to organize their activities during the week of September 24 to 30 (or even from September 30 to October 6).   

   Funding for incinerators and other dirty disposal technologies is a common issue for GAIA members around the world.   Our ability to divert funds away from incinerator projects will surely help not only in stalling, but in ultimately trashing incinerators and mainstreaming real Zero Waste solutions.   For these reasons, this year’s GDA will highlight financial issues that will help us collectively achieve the following objectives:

a.   stop public subsidies for waste incineration
b.   end climate subsidies for incinerators and landfills
c.   ensure that national and global climate funds (including the new Green Climate Fund) support Zero Waste systems

As GAIA, we want no taxpayers’ monies to be squandered, or fiscal incentives to be offered, for constructing and operating incinerators, landfills and other polluting facilities.