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Course Description

The Mini Master in Strategies for Achieving Performance Excellence course is a 43-hour course conducted at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. The course begins 2 June 2013 and ends 22 June 2013. This course is organized through Core Values Partners, Inc., focusing on international executives from outside USA.

Who Should Attend?

The course presents quality as a business strategy for achieving better business results; it will not teach quality control techniques or quality management systems. The course is designed for two categories:

1) Organization Leaders who have the responsibility to achieve aggressive performance goals through new or changed processes

2) Organization Leaders with ambitions to develop and achieve strategic vision and tactical goals through new or changed strategies and polices.

What Will You Learn?

The Mini Master is based on a robust business excellence model: Driver - System - Results (DSR). DSR is derived from the U.S. Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, a 25-year program sponsored by the US government to improve US competitiveness. DSR is a cause-effect model that works.

You'll learn to ask the questions that separate wishes from real project charters. You’ll learn how to use the words of your team members and executives to define what is truly needed. You’ll learn how to find where resistance exists and why – and how to remove it.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to developing an understanding of how to guide and manage quality strategically, the course also helps identify and prioritize the "right questions to ask" for guiding and managing tactically. Applying the course to real world situations and using Right Questions to Ask leads to improved results – financial results, customer results, employee results, and process results.

This course also offers insights to help position Six Sigma and Lean improvement tools, ISO9000, Shingo, and other quality management systems.

Trainees should have completed an undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor of Science or similar) and have several years of work experience as a leader, director, or manager.

Attendees will receive a Certificate from of St. Thomas University of successfully completing the 43-hour Mini Master in Strategies for Achieving Performance Excellence course, and earning a 4.2 Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit hours. A sample of the certificate is shown below

Course Place & Duration:
The Mini Master course will be held on the campus of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, starting 2 June 2013 and ending 22 June 2013. Students will spend 43 hours together for class lectures, exercises, and discussion. Students will also spend time outside classes for personal reading and preparation, individual projects, and team projects.

This Mini Master curriculum has been developed and is conducted by two instructors; Dr. John Fechter and Mr. Gary Floss. They are practitioners with over 70 years of business experience in manufacturing, customer service, banking, academia, medical device, and more. These two professionals explain what works and what doesn't work. This is presented from the perspective of having experienced "burnt fingers and scars" that taught them what actually works in the real world. Dr. John Fechter and Mr. Gary Floss have been leading, directing, and evaluating change programs since the early 1980s - working in the processes and working on the processes as U.S. national Baldrige Examiners, VPs at Fortune 500 companies, graduate course instructors, and business consultants.

Course Fees:
$4987.00 for tuition fees, plus $1412.00 for the travel meet and assist fees, not including the air travel, nor hotel accommodation that would be paid directly by trainee to travel agent or hotel cashier.

Sample of the certificate given upon completion the course

Sample of the certificate given upon completion the course
Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy:

Payment to be submitted before March 30, 2013, through wire transfer to the course organizer Core Values Partners Inc:

Contact us at paul.grizzell@corevaluespartners.com for wire transfer information.

Cancellation Fees: 100% of the tuition fees are refundable in case of cancellation four weeks before the course starting date, i.e. before May 6, 2013. However, the $1412.00 for meet and assist travel service fees is nonrefundable.

There is no refund for the tuition fees or the meet and assist travel service fees after May 6, 2013.

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