Thank you for testing the initial concept for this app and for your time and insight! Your input will help us build a useful tool for the classroom and next year's STREAM Institute.

* 1. Now that you've had a time to play around with the application, what is the purpose of the app?

* 2. In what scenario would you use this application?

* 3. Does the functionality in the app make sense?

* 4. Does this application conceptually make sense such that the PBL strategy is seamlessly evident in the application?

* 5. How is this application similar to how you currently work on projects with students? What is different?

* 6. What are some tools you'd use with the application?

* 7. How well do you think you could explain and implement this application with your students? Do you think students would have a hard time understanding what to do with this application?

* 8. Do you currently use some kind of technology in conjunction with project based learning challenges?

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