This report is help determine if the best practices are being used to help keep CYO sporting events from becoming a negative experience due to competitively unmatched teams.

* 1. Were you the winning coach?

* 2. First Name

* 3. Age group & Gender

* 4. Date and Time of Game

Date & Time

* 5. Location of Game

* 6. Final Score

* 7. What was the time or point of the game when it became apparent that your team was the much stronger team?

* 8. Did you have any knowledge or reasonable expectation prior to the game that your team would greatly out match the other team?

And if so, what types of adjustments or strategies did you plan to implement to try and keep the game within a reasonable final result.

* 9. Did the opposing team display any signs of frustration?

* 10. Could your team have done more to keep the lead from getting so large without giving up control of the game?

* 11. Is there anything unusual about the game that the CYO Office should know? Or comments you would like to provide to help improve lopsided games?