Remote Cardiac Monitoring Survey

This survey will be used to identify present knowledge level and experience with remote cardiac monitoring to inform content of the DIA-CSRC think tank entitled, “CSRC/DIA Think Tank: Evaluation of Mobile Technologies in CV Medicine.” 

* 1. Are presently working for a/an:

* 2. What is your primary role? (Check all that apply)

* 3. Which of the following modalities have you or your organization implemented in a clinical trial in a remote/ambulatory setting?

* 4. Please indicate your level of familiarity with the indications, capabilities and limitations of the following cardiac monitoring device types: (Scale 1-4 --with 1 = no familiarity and 4= significant familiarity)

  1 2 3 4
Standard Holter Monitor
Extended Holter Monitor
Standard Event Recorder
Autotrigger Event Recorder
Wireless Event Recorder
Mobile Cardiac Telemetry
Implantable Loop Recorder
Phone App Monitor

* 5. Who chooses the type of device that will be used for a study in your organization?

* 6. Who evaluates the cardiac monitoring data generated by a study done by your organization?

* 7. Has your organization implemented outpatient continuous ECG monitoring or other remote monitoring in a clinical trial?

* 8. If you responded yes to question seven, what clinical phase and indication was it included for?

* 9. Do you see your organization implementing outpatient extended continuous monitoring in a clinical trial in the next 1-2 years?

* 10. Outpatient continuous ECG monitoring is most likely to be implemented in a clinical trial for: