Excavator - Program Evaluation / Awareness Survey

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Program Evaluation

* 16. If you want a specific pipeline or gas company respresentative to contact you for further information, please list the company(s) below:

* 17. Please indicate the specific information you would like from the company(s) listed:

* 18. Have you ever attended a program like this before?

* 19. Overall, was today's program effective?

* 20. Would you recommend this training to others?

* 21. What is the preferred method for your agency/company to receive invitations?

* 22. What is the preferred format for your agency/company to recieve future safety information materials?

Awareness Survey
The purpose of this survey is to measure public awareness regarding the location of oil and gas pipelines that crisscross our country as well as awareness regarding the safety precautions necessary for the safe delivery of those products being transported. As an active participant in excavation or digging activities, please take a few moments to answer a few questions regarding your operations and experience regarding pipeline safety awareness.

* 23. Are you familiar with your state's One-Call or Call-Before-You Dig system, which provides the public a resource for locating and marking underground utilities prior to digging?

* 24. In the past 12 months, have you had any reason to excavate, dig or bore to a depth of more than 12 inches?

* 25. If YES: Did you contact your state or regional One-Call or Call-Before-You-Dig system?

* 26. If YES: How did you contact your One-Call or Call-Before-You-Dig system?

* 27. If YES: Were the markings easy to locate and understand?

* 28. If you did not contact the One-Call or Call-Before-You-Dig system, what would you say is the primary reason you did not contact them?

* 29. Are you employed in any of the following industries?

* 30. In the past 12 months, at approximately how many new locations would you say that your organization performed digging or excavation tasks?