Yes, enroll me in TriMega's "the orange project" - the new color of Jan/San success.

Please complete the following information to enroll your dealership in TriMega's Jan/San program.

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* 2. Who is your first call wholesaler?

* 3. Do you consider yourself a nonstocking, partial stocking, or full stocking dealer?

* 4. Are you currently selling Jan/San supplies?

* 5. If yes, what percentage of your total business is Jan/San supplies?

* 6. Are you currently selling Breakroom supplies?

* 7. If yes, what percentage of your business is Breakroom supplies?

* 8. Are you an authorized Kuerig dealer?

* 9. How many sales reps do you have?

* 10. Do you have a Jan/San Specialist?

* 11. Are you considering hiring a Jan/San Specialist?

* 12. Do you sell into the backroom or uncarpeted area?

* 13. Who do you purchase your Jan/San and Breakroom products from?

* 14. Check the brands that support your Jan/San selling strategy

* 15. Are you currently distributing any Jan/San focused catalogs or flyers?

* 16. What is biggest barrier for you to compete in the Jan/San arena in your area? Select all that apply