* 1.

What has been your experience with your current elementary school?

* 2.

How safe and secure do you feel your school playground is?

* 3.

Where is your student(s) bus stop?  Do you feel it is safe and secure?

* 4.

How responsive are the Principal, Teachers, and District Administration when issues or problems arise?

* 5.

If your school has been through significant changes recently, have the changes been positive?

* 6.

Were you satisfied with the process used to make the change?

* 7.

How well do you know the families and their students at your student's school?

* 8.

What is the reputation of your school in the community?

* 9.

Is there a sense of community within your student's school?

* 10. Does your student like his/her school?

* 11.

Does your student like the after-school programs offered at his/her school?

* 12.

Does this Handbook satisfy your needs in regard to information you need as a parent/guardian?

* 14.

How would you compare your school to other schools in the District that you are familiar with?

* 15.

Is there anything you wish you could change about your school?  Please explain.

* 16.

What do you feel is exemplary about your school?  Please explain.

* 17.

How can this Handbook be better?  Please refer to specific sections and/or page numbers.

* 18.

If you think of other questions we might add to this survey, please state them below.

* 19.

In regard to question 3 above, what is the location of your student's bus stop?