This is the first in a 7 part Motor System Maintenance and Management Best Practices Benchmarking Study produced by Dr. Howard Penrose PhD of Success by Design and Terrence O'Hanlon, CMRP,

Electrical maintenance is the first key component that must be in place prior to putting together the program. Within the electrical maintenance program there are eight parts to successful electrical maintenance. These include:

1) Maintenance of drawings and manuals;
2) General maintenance practices related to electrical maintenance;
3) Arc flash and personal protective equipment;
4) Electrical load and power quality monitoring;
5) Root cause analysis programs;
6) Electrical work practices and the company safety program; and,
7) The maintenance emergency repair plan.

Each part to this KPI is weighted by importance.

Please use your best efforts to answer as accurately as possible.

If you are a service provider/contractor please answer for your largest client.

Add Yes answers points for total score. We suggest you keep a running point total manually as there is a scoring key at the conclusion of this survey however - the survey is not autoscoring.

You may take this survey anonymously or you may provide your contact details if you would like an advanced copy of the study report and action recommendations.

* 1. Do updated as-built drawings exist and are they available? (3 pts)

* 2. Are all relavent equipment instruction manuals available? (3 pts)

* 3. Is there a process in place that ensures the manuals and drawings are maintained in a current condition? (4 pts)

Maintenance: Each Question = 2.5pts

* 4. Is there a documented maintenance program and does it have a valid basis (ie: RCM)? (2.5 pts)

* 5. Is the program being vigorously followed? (2.5 pts)

* 6. Is there a procedure in place that updates the program based on changes to plant equipment or processes (ie: MER)? (2.5 pts)

* 7. Does the program identify critical equipment? (2.5 pts)

* 8. Are there adequate work control procedures that prevent mistakes when work is done on critical systems and equipment? (2.5 pts)

* 9. Does system design provide redundancy so all critical equipment can be maintained without a shutdown? (2.5 pts)

* 10. Does the program ensure that maintenance test results are trended and used to update and improve the maintenance program? (2.5 pts)

* 11. Is there a program in place that ensures periodic evaluation of possible equipment replacement considering maintenance data trends, availability of replacement parts and unplanned shutdown costs? (2.5 pts)