ILTA Annual Educational Conference
August 22 – 26, 2010
ARIA Resort, Las Vegas NV
In order to better engage the ILTA community and ensure the “right” speakers are participating in the annual conference, ILTA is eliciting speakers to provide educational content for ILTA 2010: Strategic Unity.  ILTA members and vendors are being offered the opportunity to apply to speak at the conference.  If you are interested, please review the ITLA 2010 Speaker Guidelines and complete the application.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TJ Johnson, Conference Coordinator

Reimbursement Guideline
ILTA is a volunteer, non-profit organization.  We do not reimburse speakers for travel, room, meals, conference registration fees or other expenses.  Our conference registration fees are intentionally lower than most to allow as many people to attend as possible.  The fees do not accommodate expenses incurred for our speakers.

Day Passes
The vast majority of speakers are chosen from the ranks of members or vendors attending the full conference.  Occasionally, we invite someone to attend for the day to present a session.  If you are only attending for one day, we will issue a Day Pass, and you will be welcome to tour the Exhibit Hall and/or attend other sessions during the day on which you speak and you will be given a lunch ticket.

No “Sales Pitches” Guideline
The Conference Planning Team utilizes as many ILTA members as possible to speak in sessions.  Vendors and consultants are invited to present to augment member’s experiences or where the vendor's level of knowledge provides exceptional value to the attendees. We greatly value the knowledge that our vendor’s bring to our conference, and stress that these sessions are in-depth educational sessions, not opportunities for sales presentations.  The Exhibit Hall and demo rooms are provided for sales presentations.

Advanced Sessions:
To meet the demand of our membership, one of our conference goals is to ensure the majority of sessions are at an intermediate or advanced level.

Learning Objectives
Speakers will work with the Conference Committee to develop Learning Objectives for every session offered at ILTA 2010.  These help attendees understand what they can expect from the session.

Audio / Video Recordings
ILTA audio records conference sessions for sale post-conference.   Some sessions are also video-recorded and/or live webcast.  Speakers will be expected to complete a release allowing the sale or distribution of the audio and/or video recordings of the session.

Presentations / Takeaways
Speakers are expected to provide an outline of their presentation to the Conference Committee by July 15, 2010.  As well, they are expected to provide an electronic copy of the presentation itself and any takeaways by August 6, 2010.  Takeaways are strongly encouraged and include checklists, templates or resources for attendees to use as soon as they return to the office.

ILTA uses evaluations to help improve the educational content of sessions each year.  Attendees at all sessions will be given an evaluation form to complete, outlining the educational objectives for the session and asking them to evaluate the educational content, value of the session to their work, speaker quality and learning objectives.  Summary results of these evaluations are available to speakers within a few weeks of conference.
I have read and understand the ILTA 2010 Speaker Guidelines

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