Survey on Finnish food culture

This survey is for my Home Ec class. We're investigating a culture that is in our family.

You don't need to answer all the questions, but it would really help my research.


* 1. What best describes you?

* 2. Where do you live (lived) in Finland?

* 3. What is your favourtite food?

* 4.

If you were to pick ONE food that represents Finland the best, what would you pick?

* 5. Do you live near a lake or ocean? Does this affect the sort of foods your family eats?

* 6. How important is the food in Finnish culture?

* 7. Does Finland have any special methods of cooking? What are they?

* 8. Does Finnish food have any influeneces from other cultures?

* 9. Do you think that Finnish food has affected any other countries foods?

* 10.

What is your name? (The only people that will see it is me and my teacher)