* 1.

Are you an owner of premises which you believe come under the new regulations (the "RRFSO")?

* 2.

What best describes the position are you in at present (click on one)?

* 3.

 Please show by clicking once in each row whether you agree or disagree with each statement below:

  strongly disagree disagree neutral agree strongly agree
The regulations (RRFSO) themselves are fairly sensible as written
I think the previous "Fire Certificate" regime was better
The way the regulations are being enforced is unsatisfactory
I think that family homes should be excluded, even if part of the home is used for a small business

* 4.

Do you agree with the Fire Safety SENSE Campaign, that Government action is needed to ensure that the fire regulations are enforced consistently and proportionately, especially as far as very small businesses are concerned?

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If you would like to give us a brief comment about the fire regulations or the Campaign, please use the box below:

* 6.

Would you be happy to be interviewed by a journalist about how the fire regulations have affected you or your business?

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If you would like to remain anonymous, you need not answer this question - but if you'd like to give us your contact details so we can follow up with information on the campaign, do fill them in below (we will not give your details to anyone else):