* 1. Please enter your name in the boxes belowow:

* 3. What is your ethnicity?

* 4. What school do you go to this year?

* 5. What school will you go to next year?

* 6. What is your mentor's name

* 7.

Would you like a mentor again next year?

* 8.

Would you like the same mentor next year?

* 9. What did you enjoy the most when you were with your mentor? (Choose as many as you like)

* 10. My mentor came: (choose only one)

* 11.

Did you get better grades?

* 12.

Did you come to school more?

* 13.

Do you plan on attending college or vocational school after you graduate from high school?

* 14.

Having a mentor helped me: (Choose as many as you like)

* 15.

I like having a mentor.

* 16. Do you have anything you want us to know about as we plan for next year?