City officials have started the process of updating Napoleon's Master Plan.   Napoleon’s current plan was completed in 2008, and is now ten years old. The new Plan will build upon past and recent progress and include ideas and strategies to help guide the community in areas such as land use, economic development, downtown revitalization, neighborhoods, parks and recreation, infrastructure, community facilities, pedestrian connectivity and transportation.

In addition to this survey, you will be able to participate in upcoming public meetings.  Reveille Ltd., a Bowling Green-based planning and economic development firm, was retained to assist with analyzing the collected data and formulate the Plan.
You will be able to find results of the survey and information throughout the planning process on the City’s website,  Printed copies of the survey can also be attained at Napoleon City Hall, 255 W. Riverview Avenue.  

Thank you for your time completing this survey. Your ideas and comments will be valuable as we develop our plan to grow, rejuvenate, and refine our community. 

 Mayor Jason Maassel

* 1. I am a City of Napoleon

* 2. I choose to live here because?

* 3. How would you rate your "Quality of Life" in Napoleon?

* 4. What one word would you use to describe Napoleon?

* 5. Rate your support for the following activities: Circle your choice from: 1 (no priority) to 4 (high priority).

  No Priority Low Priority Moderate Priority High Priority
Additional pedestrian connectivity such as bike lanes, trails, etc.
Additional property maintenance and inspection programs
Attraction/retention of services, retail and professional offices
Attraction of industrial establishments
Community beautification initiatives
Downtown revitalization
Extend infrastructure to promote new growth/development opportunities
Improve the visual attractiveness of the Scott Street commercial corridor
Improved housing options (single family, multi family, condos, senior living, etc.)
Improved attractiveness and functionality of the downtown
Improved community “identity” through gateways, signage and design elements
Improved riverfront exposure and heightened riverfront activities
Improved connection to nature areas (wooded areas, water, or wetland areas)
Neighborhood improvements (lighting, curbs, sidewalks, etc.)
Park improvements
Protection and improvement of Napoleon’s historic properties
Street improvements

* 6. If you could improve one area of the community, where would it be?

* 7. If you could make one improvement to the downtown, what would it be?

* 8. Which community do you associate with the most in regards to shopping and commerce?

* 9. What other businesses or community programs/services are needed in Napoleon?

* 10. What land uses would you like to see expanded in the community?

  Yes No Unsure
Residential - Single Family
Residential - Apartments
Residential - Condominiums
Residential - Senior Living
Parks and Recreation
Community Public Spaces

* 11. Please list any specific transportation issues or roadway intersections/sections that are problematic?

* 12. What is your biggest concern about the future of this community?

* 13. Your Gender:

* 14. Your Age:

* 15. How long have you been a resident of Napoleon?

* 16. Place of employment (Check only one)

* 17. Other Comments:  Please express any other thoughts or concerns you may have.