Avalution assists organizations of all sizes implement and improve business continuity programs, with a core competency in preparing for BS 25999 certification.

The following self-assessment survey was created to benchmark your organization against the BS 25999 specification. Depending on the "status" of your organization's program, you will be presented with no more than forty questions, the majority of which are yes/no or multiple choice.

An Avalution professional will contact you within five business days of completion to schedule a thirty-minute discussion regarding the results. At that time, you’ll be provided with an electronic, one-page report detailing key findings and recommendations.

Specific to this survey tool, you will notice a number of questions are marked as "mandatory" (with an * preceding the question). Answering these questions is required to enable branching, since your answers will drive all subsequent questions asked. Also, please do not use your browser's back button since only your original answers will be recorded by the tool.

Please Note – The information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third-party without your consent.