Spaceport Colorado - Aerospace & Technology Park: Aerospace and aviation R&D, manufacturing, testing & evaluation, pilot training, flight operations and support, UAS/RPV, light sport, STEM and technical education, bioenergy.

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Rail Siding
Truck Depot
Multi-Modal Transportation Facility, I.e.: air, truck, & rail
Land for Business, Industrial, Mfg, Flex Distribution Development
Scheduled Air Cargo – DIA
Scheduled Passenger – DIA
Passenger Charter – Front Range Airport
Non-Scheduled Cargo – Front Range Airport
High Speed, Fiber Optic Data Communications
Low-Cost Facilities, w/40 year renewable leases
Point-To-Point sub-orbital flight, when operational
Static Rocket Motor Test Capability
Community of Tech design, fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities and services
UAV/RPV Manufacturing, research, development & training
Access to MLT [“Ignorosphere”] space (mesosphere and upper atmosphere)

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