Thank you for participating in the Sustainable Energy Futures Survey-

This is the first of a kind event- where we are using the 'social web' to spread the word about how everyday people can make an incredible impact on a Sustainable Energy Future for us all.

The success of this event promises not only recognition to the winner ($5000 prize) but also to the success of organizing collective action where concerned citizens of the world have a voice and a vote.

We formatted the survey to capture some information about how the diffusion of influence worked in spreading the word about this event. This will be critical in planning future initiative and I thank you for taking the extra minute to provide the information- (7 questions in total).

Lastly, don't forget there is a $500 BEST RECRUITER prize. So if a friend told you about the event- make sure to give their name- $500 buys a lot of pizza and beer that can be shared with many friends!

Thanks Again & Best Regards                                                                                              Bordeaux Energy Colloquium