* 1.

What is the main ingredient in cigarettes?

* 2. True or False: Tobacco products kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

* 3.

What is the extremely addictive chemical inside of cigarettes?

* 4.

If you bought 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 1 year, about how much money would you spend?

* 5.  For every cigarette you smoke, you take ___ minuetes off your life.

* 6.

What color are smokers lungs?

* 7. What are the long term illnesses associated with smoking?

* 8. When you smoke a cigarette, what chemical coats your lungs and turns them black? (hint: it is what they use to make streets)

* 9.

What color can your teeth and fingernails turn if you smoke?

* 10.

What deadly disease is smoking the leading cause of?