This is a short survey and should only take around 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. What school does your child(ren) attend?

* 2. What grade is/are your child(ren) in?

* 3. Mark your gender.

* 4. Mark your ethnicity.

Please choose an option that you feel best suits each statement.

* 5. The district works with community agencies to improve student outcomes and success.

* 6. The district welcomes community partners into the district and schools?

* 7. The district works with parent organizations (PTA/PTO) to focus on the academic success of students.

* 8. The district works with community organizations to focus on the academic success of students.

* 9. The district works with local businesses to focus on the academic success of students.

* 10. The district involves community partners in school planning and policy development.

* 11. The school informs and builds families' knowledge and skills to support their child's learning at home and their academic progress at school.

* 12. The school has effective two-way communication for families that encourages their participation.

* 13. The school provides meaningful family activities that reflect the specific needs of students and families.

* 14. The district provides opportunities for families to build stronger relationships with the school's administrators, teachers, and other staff.

* 15. The school shares information of their child's academic progress and performance.

* 16. The district focuses on positive outcome for all students.

* 17. The district provides a safe enviornment for learning.

* 18. The district demonstrates sensitivity to the needs of children with academic or behavioral difficulty.

* 19. The district provides a challenging curriculum to help students meet their maximum potential.

* 20. In the box below, please add comments or concerns.