* 1. Which shop did you visit?

* 2.

What is your overall satisfaction with your service experience at Riverside Transport?

* 3.

Did you schedule an appointment for your service visit? 

* 4.

What was the reason(s) for this visit? Select all that apply.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following: 

* 5.

Ability to schedule a prompt appointment

* 6.

Prompt diagnostic and write up time

* 7.

Received updates on repair or service status

* 8.

Prompt completion of repairs and service

* 9.

The mechanics appeared to be productive

* 10.

The courtesy and respect of the shop staff

* 11.

Answered all my questions 

* 12.

The competency of and professionalism of the shop staff

* 13.

The total repair and/or service time

* 14.

Ability to resolve the problems the first time

* 15.

The shop met my service expectations

* 16.

Parts availability (If parts were not required, please select No Opinion/Does Not Apply) 

* 17.
If a part had to be ordered during this service experience, approximately how long did it take for the part to arrive? (Record "0"' if it was available, "0.5"' for half day of wait time  1 for a day, etc.)

* 18. If there was a delay in repairs, were you offered a substitute truck.

* 19. Did your service provider give you a copy of the service/repairs done?

* 20. Which of the following best describes your job responsibilities?

* 21. If you have any other comments regarding your service, please enter them below.

* 22.

* 23. Email: