Before taking this exam, please read the School Board Meetings course material for this specific course that is linked on the ASBA website ( Your school district will be invoiced for $40 for this course when you submit this exam. Be sure that you have allowed plenty of time to complete the exam since you cannot save your answers and continue later

Learning Goals - After reading School Board Meetings (Chapter 6 of the Handbook for Arkansas School Board Members), you should be able to: explain why holding school board meetings is a significant event; describe the two types of school board meetings; list the reasons a school board may enter executive session; discuss what Arkansas law permits and doesn’t permit to occur while the board meets in executive session; explain the importance of school board meeting minutes and identify some elements of good minutes; describe what a school board member should do in the event of confronting a potential conflict of interest; identify and describe various aspects of a board agenda; and list several guidelines the board may adopt for dealing with individuals or delegations of citizens wishing to address the board during the board meeting. 

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