We are all LIFESAVERS in some way and the Lifesaver Wellbeing Series is collecting stories to inspire others to:

• BE YOU. Accept yourself just as you are, with unique interests and talents.
• BELONG. Connect to a supportive community to share your gifts and receive encouragement.
• BE A LIFESAVER. Your example can influence – and even save – someone’s life.

The Lifesaver Wellbeing Series will recognize LIFESAVERs each month – individuals or teams who have gone the extra mile to make life better for another or simply inspiring others though their personal example. Here’s a few examples:

• Clare lost 125 pounds and had a physical after many years without going to the doctor which identified breast cancer and saved her life. She is encouraging others to have a life-saving physical.
• Christian urges others to find more meaning in life by doing “wellness with a purpose” and volunteer by supporting a person with disabilities.
• John wanted to lose a few pounds before his 10th anniversary, started running and now leads a lunchtime running group with his workmates.
• Julie wants people to feel loved and part of the community. She organized a group of school-aged boys to help neighbors in need.
• Will came to his coworker’s aid both spiritually and financially when his wife died unexpectedly.

Now it’s your turn. Please share your story by nominating a LIFESAVER, including yourself. Thank you!

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