Survey of Loyalty Club Preferences
Logan’s Roadhouse is considering a loyalty program to reward our most loyal guests, and your opinions will help us determine what it should look like.

Thank you for your time!
1. How often do you dine at Logan’s Roadhouse?
2. What types of loyalty programs do you participate in?
3. What is your favorite loyalty program?
4. What is your preferred method for tracking loyalty? (drag-and-drop to rank)
Keychain card
Post mail
Swipe-able card
Mobile app
Punch card
5. What kind of reward structure do you like?
6. For a restaurant loyalty program, how important are the following to you?
Not important at allSomewhat importantNice to have, but not criticalWould really like itAbsolutely HAVE to have it
Updates / new offerings
Surprises (ie. pre-loaded rewards)
Special service (ie. first-in-line / no waiting)
Secret menu
Special events
Chance to feedback on new menu items
Exclusive branded items (ie. t-shirts, glasswear)
7. How often do you want to hear from a loyalty program?
8. How likely are you to join a loyalty program with Logan's Roadhouse?
9. Are you ...
10. What is your age range?
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