What can NRA do for your Hunt Club?

1. Are you a member of an NRA-affiliated Hunt Club?
2. What percentage of your hunt club members are also NRA members?
3. As a hunt club, what has been the biggest issue you have had to overcome?
4. Does your hunt club participate in the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program?
5. Has your club purchased or utilized any of the following NRA Hunter Services materials?
6. Has your club or members visited the NRA Hunter Services website? If so, what information have you viewed?
7. What hunting programs, services and activities does your club currently host or participate in?
8. What NRA Programs does your Hunt Club currently offer?
9. If your club participates in the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, what is your involvement?
10. Have you ever attended an NRA Great American Hunters Tour event? If yes, where and when was it.
11. Have you ever attended the NRA Great American Hunting & Outdoors Show? If yes, what were your thoughts or recommendations.
12. What hunting programs, services, events, or activities would you like to see NRA do that we are currently not offering?
13. NRA-ILA needs your help in identifying problems with laws and regulations in order to work to change them. Were you aware you can contact them with these issues?
14. Would you be interested in obtaining NRA Hunt Club membership cards for your members?
15. Have you ever utilized the Places to Hunt feature on HunterRights.org?
16. Would you be interested in participating in NRA Hunter Postal Matches through your club with chances to participate in a sweepstakes? If so, what type of prizes would you be interested in?
17. Would you be interested in obtaining NRA Sports apparel exclusively available to NRA Hunt Clubs?
18. Would you be interested in opportunities to test or to obtain discounts on hunting equipment and other related items through your NRA Hunt Club membership? If yes, what types of equipment would you be interested in seeing in this type of program?
19. What other types of products or services would you like to see offered as benefits for NRA affiliated Hunt Clubs?
20. Club Contact Information: